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Why incorporate your business?  Why incorporate in Nevada?  Asset Protection?  Tax Savings?  Privacy?  Nevada Incorporation answers...

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We live in an increasingly complex society.  Today, more than ever the advise of EXPERIENCED, QUALIFIED professionals is essential to business success... but how do you find them?

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Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how incorporating your business in Nevada could work to your advantage?

Free Nevada Corporation consultation and analysis.

Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about  how you could improve your business if only you had more accurate knowledge?  It's impossible for one person to be an expert on every subject.  Successful business people know the importance of "delegating" responsibility to qualified professionals.  You wouldn't let your neighbor prepare your tax return would you?  Then why would you trust an Internet Site to give you qualified advise?

How are you going to know which Firms are giving it to you straight?  Maybe they are just looking to make a sale?  How do you choose the right firm for your incorporation needs?

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Every legitimate Firm should be able to answer the questions on this page honestly and completely.  If you find any Firm reluctant to answer these questions then our advice is to move on to the next.

Selecting Consultants: is not in the business of forming corporations.  We are an information portal dedicated to educating you (our visitor) to the many benefits of Incorporation in the State of Nevada.  Our Mission is to help you make educated choices based on logical ethical questions.  You may want to grab a pen and paper to jot down ideas and questions these facts raise.  Then when you call in for your FREE CONSULTATION you will be ready to get right to the facts about your business.

Don't get pressured into anything:  Start your questions by asking for general information.  How long have you been in business?  How many clients do you have?  Can you provide me with references?  Do you have your own legal counsel?  Will they help me if I have questions?  Do you provide an 800 number?  What are your hours of operation?  Who do I ask for if I need help?  Will I be assigned an account representative?  If someone tries to sue me how does your firm help?  How long will it take for me to be properly incorporated?  In essence you are buying the Firms reputation in representing you AFTER THE SALE!  You need to remember you are interviewing them for the position of "Incorporation Counsel" for your firm.

Costs:  Companies concerned with building long-term client bases will never discuss price first.  Worry about prices LATER.  An ethical firm will give you complete disclosure (Tell you all fees up front) prior to any agreements.  The filing fees in Nevada are only $85 per year (State Fee).  Keep in mind there may be additional State Fees.  Make sure you separate the State Fees from the Consulting Fees.  How much will it cost to form the corporation?  How much will it cost to maintain the corporation?  Will I need to have an Office in the State of Nevada and how much will that cost?  How much does it cost for Registered Agent services?  There are many other costs to consider like Banking Account Formation, mail forwarding, etc.  Our advise is to avoid "Package Deals".  Make sure you know what you are buying.

Questions:  A good consultant will stop you frequently to ask you questions.  How can they advise you if they don't understand your needs!

Expectations:  Don't expect to learn everything you need to know at one sitting.  You will need to provide much detailed information in order for the Firm to advise you of an appropriate decision.  DO NOT EXPECT TO GET EVERYTHING FOR FREE!  A free consultation is just that.  You are feeling the company out for their expertise, and they in turn are feeling you out to see if you are a legitimate client prospect.  Expect to pay for services, but make sure you know what you are purchasing.

Tax Savings & Multi-State Taxation:  You need to know how a Nevada Corporation will work for you if you are not physically in the State of Nevada.  Make sure the firm is well versed in Multi-State Taxation rules.  Don't expect them to know your Home States rules, but do expect them to know how Nevada rules apply to "Foreign Corporations".  A qualified firm will understand Multi-State Taxation rules.  If you plan on having a physical presence in Nevada be sure you understand how Corporations are taxed in Nevada.

Corporate Entity:  Single member LLC, Multi Member LLC, IIC, what corporate entity do you need?  Only the two of you working together will be able to select the right corporate entity.  What are your chances of being audited with each?  Is it "safe" to move funds between a Home State Corporation and a Nevada Corporation?

Privacy:  Which corporate entity provides the most privacy?  Will I have the same privacy benefits if I am a "Foreign Corporation".  What type of entity provides the most privacy.  Should I choose privacy over tax benefits?  Can I have both minimal liability and maximum tax savings?

Please remember these are only the tip of the iceberg.  We have no idea what the actual needs of your own situation entail.  We are not Legal Advisors, information provided herein is to be used for general purposes of education.  The only way to be fully and accurately advised of the intricacies of Nevada Corporate Law is to consult with qualified licensed professionals and attorneys.  Get the facts BEFORE you commit to a firm.  Don't get half the story, and don't believe everything you read just because it sounds good. 

Can you afford to make this mistake?

Many people assume the companies handling their corporate paperwork are in fact telling them the truth.  But what you may actually be receiving is "half truths".  It is VITAL that you understand the differences between the application of Nevada Law to Corporations that are physically located in the State of Nevada and Corporations that physically reside in a different state (i.e. Foreign Corporations).  How do you make sure you consult with a business that will tell you the "whole truth" about incorporating in Nevada - Simple - Consult the #1 Nevada Incorporation Firm!

Most businesses will benefit greatly through proper incorporation in the State of Nevada.  To find out how Nevada's Laws can help protect you, your business, and your family please contact an experienced qualified consultant.  The few minutes you spend may save you $1,000's of dollars each year and the aggravation of many potential lawsuits.

Thank You for visiting our incorporation information site; may 2009 bring you success, adventure, safety, and happiness in all your pursuits!