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Why incorporate your business?  Why incorporate in Nevada?  Asset Protection?  Tax Savings?  Privacy?  Nevada Incorporation answers...

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Are you ready to protect your business assets?  Are you interested in paying substantially lower taxes?  What's the most effective way to ensure your privacy?  Isn't it time you Incorporate in Nevada?

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Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how incorporating your business in Nevada could work to your advantage?

Free Nevada Corporation consultation and analysis.

Hello again!  Thousands of business owners - just like you - have discovered the many benefits of forming a Nevada Corporation.  They began their research looking for answers to specific questions.  But what they ended up with was a list of dozens of additional questions they had not even considered before!

Like you, most people start out NOT fully knowing "Why" they should choose Nevada to incorporate.  Most people already know some of the facts; like Nevada has no State Income Tax.  But what does this really mean?  Does this apply to a company who doesn't have physical assets located in Nevada?  And more importantly how can this really benefit you and your company?  Taxes are a major reason each year thousands of business owners discover the true benefits to incorporation in Nevada.  But Taxes are not alone, there are many other compelling reasons why Nevada may just be your #1 Choice.

FREE INFO ON HOW TO: Incorporate in Nevada

You probably took a few moments to look over the incorporation information reasons on the homepage and that's why you are now looking for more "details".  On this page I won't waste your time - I'll cut right to the heart of the matter.  But keep in mind this may just be the "tip of the iceberg" for your situation.  I'll break out as many major reasons as will fit neatly on the page.  But to truly understand the benefits and how they apply to your own unique situation you must discuss your situation with a competent experienced professional.

Corporation Advantages:  Advantages are not listed in any particular order.  You may want to grab a pen and paper to jot down ideas and questions these facts raise.  Then when you call in for your FREE CONSULTATION you will be ready to get right to the facts about your business.

One person Requirement:  This is a phenomenal time saver and stress reducer.  A single individual can essentially run the whole show!  You can hold the offices of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  You can be the sole Director!  There is no need to bring any other people into your corporation if you so desire.  No other state offers this luxury.

Low Cost:  The filing fees in Nevada are only $85 per year (State Fee).  Many reputable companies offer complete incorporation services to suit the needs of their clients for as little as $600 to $1,000. 

Residency is NOT required:  In fact your Nevada corporation can be formed by fax, telephone or mail.  You don't' even have to visit the State, and annual meetings can be held outside the State at the discretion of the Board of Directors (And because of the "one person requirement" this means you!)  Please be aware that this will affect your privacy and taxation options.  Please contact a licensed professional for more information on how to select the appropriate corporate entity.

No Minimum Capitol Requirement:  Your Nevada corporation can be organized with very little capital!  This allows you to put your money to work in other areas.

Tax Savings:  Nevada does not tax corporate or citizen income.  In addition there are no "hidden" taxes - such as capitol stock taxes, franchise taxes, or inventory taxes.  Sales tax applies only to products sold within the State.  Corporate Federal tax is only 15% on the first $50,000 of income.

Privacy:  Nevada does not maintain a database of corporate stock ownership nor is there any requirement for a list of Corporate vice presidents.  Essentially this makes it nearly impossible for "outsiders" to track you down.  Be sure to ask your consultant about Nevada Law and how it protects your privacy.

Please remember these are generalizations of the actual laws.  We are not Legal Advisors, information provided herein is to be used for general purposes of education.  The only way to be fully and accurately advised of the intricacies of Nevada Corporate Law is to consult with qualified licensed professionals and attorneys.  Get the facts BEFORE you commit to a firm.  Don't get half the story, and don't believe everything you read just because it sounds good. 

Can you afford to make this mistake?

Many people assume the companies handling their corporate paperwork are in fact telling them the truth.  But what you may actually be receiving is "half truths".  It is VITAL that you understand the differences between the application of Nevada Law to Corporations that are physically located in the State of Nevada and Corporations that physically reside in a different state (i.e. Foreign Corporations).  How do you make sure you consult with a business that will tell you the "whole truth" about incorporating in Nevada - Simple - consult the #1 Nevada Incorporation Firm!

Most businesses will benefit greatly through proper incorporation in the State of Nevada.  To find out how Nevada's Laws can help protect you, your business, and your family please contact an experienced qualified consultant.  The few minutes you spend may save you $1,000's of dollars each year and the aggravation of many potential lawsuits.

Thank You for visiting our incorporation information site; may 2009 bring you success, adventure, safety, and happiness in all your pursuits!