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Starting Nevada Corporation...  Why incorporate in Nevada?  Asset Protection?  Tax Savings?  Privacy?  Nevada Incorporation answers...

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Nevada's tax laws are extremely "Business Friendly", but surprisingly tax savings is not the #1 reason to incorporate your business in Nevada!  How you find out exactly what is...

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Dear Friends have you ever considered the enormous implications of being sued?  What effect it could have on your financial health, your lifestyle, your very existence?  Can you afford to find out?  It's not enough to be "right"!  The party suing you may not have a valid case - and you could still lose everything!  In today's litigious business climate you never know what to expect!  Why put yourself at risk?  Why take a chance?  Small business or large; are you protected?  Nevada's Corporate Laws can protect you completely! 

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Have I got your attention?  It's scary to think that all the assets you have worked so hard to acquire can be taken away!  How can this happen?  There is a saying you may have already heard:

"In the after-life we have justice, in this life we have the law!"

The law can work for, or against, you!  Are you willing to put everything you own at risk?  Remember: the courts are not about Justice - they are about "applying" the law.  You can be 100% "in the right" and still lose everything you have worked so hard to acquire.  You MUST protect yourself!  You must know "how to" properly incorporate yourself and/or your business as a legal corporate entity.  There is no better way to protect your assets, your family, your very livelihood than to set up the proper legal entity in the state of Nevada.

However, just because you choose to incorporate doesn't mean you have complete asset protection!  Avoid the mistakes others make (Never do it yourself).  You must know which kind of corporate entity will provide you with minimal liability.  Each business situation, whether a small business or large, presents different unique needs, and therefore must be addressed in part, not in whole.  Are you an attorney or tax expert?  Would you feel comfortable representing yourself ALONE  in a court of law against a team of seasoned attorneys?  If not then you should consult the #1 Nevada Incorporation Guide on the NET and learn how to protect yourself!

Laws are constantly changing and you must keep up with them to remain protected.  Do you have the time to be your own legal advisor?  Do you have the expertise to understand the intricacies of the law?  Do you enjoy doing your own taxes?  Would you do your own Dental Work?  Then why in the world would anyone try to set up their own corporation?  Get 100% Free consultation on how to Incorporate in Nevada by Nevada's #1 Consumer Rated service.

In today's business climate people are ready to sue you at the drop of a hat!  Many of these lawsuits are frivolous, but never the less expensive!  To ensure minimal liability you MUST protect yourself and your assets.  Incorporating in Nevada makes it extremely difficult for individuals filing frivolous lawsuits to even figure out who to sue.  If by chance (and the chances are extremely slim as long as you have not committed fraud) they do figure out who to sue, it won't matter because your assets will be protected if you have chosen the right Nevada Corporate Entity.  It is nearly impossible to "Pierce the corporate veil" in the State of Nevada.  Don't you owe it to yourself, your business partners, and your family to make sure you are protected by seeking the services of qualified legal counsel?

Protecting your assets is only one of many reasons Nevada's corporate structure is so attractive.  Another major advantage are the TAX SAVINGS BENEFITS.  The state of Nevada has no Income Tax!  An experienced Nevada Tax Consultant will explain to you the many additional Tax Savings benefits.  One strategy which benefits many "foreign corporations" is dividing assets between a Nevada Corporation and a corporation in your home state.  Will this strategy work for you?  Maybe you would be better served by having TWO Nevada Corporations and splitting your income between them.  Maybe your best strategy is to lease equipment and services back to your home state corporation.  Consult the #1 Nevada Incorporation Experts to find out how Nevada Incorporation can fulfill your tax savings needs.

Have you ever considered the benefits of total privacy.  Do you really want every Tom, Dick, and Harry in your Home State having the ability to easily find your personal information?  How about the Media?  Can your existing corporate structure prevent the media from unfairly invading your privacy?  Does your Home State provide privacy protection built into their corporate law?  Why should anyone have access to your finances?  The right to privacy is protected with the right corporate structure.  Forming your corporate entity in Nevada can significantly reduce the ease with which anyone can intrude upon your financial matters.  Learn more about Privacy Protection.

Company incorporation facts:  Let's recap the important points...  Incorporating your business in Nevada will allow you to protect your assets (absolute minimal liability), ensure your privacy, and provide substantial tax savings in most cases.  There are a multitude of additional reasons why Nevada may be the best choice for your business or yourself.   Compare the benefits of Nevada Incorporation to incorporation in your home state, then ask yourself if you can afford not to take advantage of these powerful and compelling reasons to forming your next corporation in Nevada.

Limit your liability - better yet ELIMINATE YOUR liability with a Nevada Corporation

Should you move your business to Nevada or Stay in your own State?  Do you know?

What corporate structure will work best for you - IIC, LLC, Standard Corporation?

How much State Income Tax did your Corporation pay last year?  Nevada - "0"!

Are shareholder (Owners) names published in existing corporate structure?

Can the "Corporate Veil" be pierced in your existing corporate structure?

Are you currently protected from frivolous lawsuits?


When is a Nevada Corporation the Wrong Choice?

Are you already being sued?  Then it may be "too late" for Nevada's advantageous asset protection strategies this time around.  You are most likely stuck with the laws of the State in which you are incorporated.  Our advise at this point is to seek the services of qualified legal counsel (FAST!) in your home state of incorporation.  Delay proceedings as long as possible.  And consider settling out of court - it may just save you a bundle!

Don't let this happen to you again; incorporate your business in Nevada!  You came to this site for information - so take advantage of these resources!  Don't delay, take action and speak to a qualified consultant today!  And please remember if you are intentionally violating the law, committing acts of fraud and deception then it is always the wrong choice.  Nevada's corporate laws are designed to protect and enhance legal business entities.  Incorporating in Nevada will not help you if your intent is to break the law!

Most businesses will benefit greatly through proper incorporation in the State of Nevada.  To find out how Nevada's Laws can help protect you, your business, and your family please contact an experienced qualified consultant.  The few minutes you spend may save you $1,000's of dollars each year and the aggravation of many potential lawsuits.

Thank You for visiting our incorporation information site; may 2009 bring you success, adventure, safety, and happiness in all your pursuits!