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Why incorporate your business?  Why incorporate in Nevada?  Asset Protection?  Tax Savings?  Privacy?  Nevada Incorporation answers...

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Imagine being able to get a complete properly formed corporate entity for only $99.  Now that the fantasy is over let's be honest.  You wouldn't do your own dental work; why would you try this?

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Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how incorporating your business in Nevada could work to your advantage?

Free Nevada Corporation consultation and analysis.

Anyone that knows the Law will tell you that only fools represent themselves in legal matters.  Unless you are a practicing attorney in the State of Nevada, you chances of setting up the right entity and providing yourself the complete benefits Nevada Incorporation offers are pretty slim!

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It's hard enough to run a business without worrying about legal matters.  Why would you put yourself at risk?  Most small businesses will be able to incorporate properly for $1,00 or less through the services of licensed seasoned professionals.  The savings in taxes alone from a properly formed corporate entity will offset and surpass any amount you could hope to save by doing it yourself.  This may not be what you want to hear.  So if you are the type of person that makes their own clothes, does their own automobile repairs, and just can't wait to get out there in the garden to pull weeds this site is not for you.

Do it Yourself:  Don't do it - what more can we say?  Anyone who tells you to form your own corporation is giving you bad advise.

What if you get sued?  Are you going to represent yourself?

What do you hope to save?  $100, $200, $500?  And what if you do it wrong?  What if you buy into some companies glossy sales pitch and do-it-yourself, only to find out that you have not picked the right corporate structure.  You just threw all that money away.

Do you know the difference between a Single member LLC and a Multi-member LLC?  How about a IIC?  How bout your ass and a hole in the ground <wink>.  Don't do it!

It's absurd to think that the average person can even begin to know all the right questions to ask, let alone the answers to those questions.

Forming your own corporation makes about as much sense to me as doing your own Dental work.  Sure you may be able to brush your teeth, but are you going to break out the drill when you get a cavity?  Are you going to do your own root canal?  As you are screaming in pain, you'll pay just about anything for a good Dentist.  Find a competent professional before you throw your money away on some do-it-yourself nonsense.

Can you afford to make this mistake?

Many people assume the companies handling their corporate paperwork are in fact telling them the truth.  But what you may actually be receiving is "half truths".  It is VITAL that you understand the differences between the application of Nevada Law to Corporations that are physically located in the State of Nevada and Corporations that physically reside in a different state (i.e. Foreign Corporations).  How do you make sure you consult with a business that will tell you the "whole truth" about incorporating in Nevada - Simple - consult the #1 Nevada Incorporation Firm!

Most businesses will benefit greatly through proper incorporation in the State of Nevada.  To find out how Nevada's Laws can help protect you, your business, and your family please contact an experienced qualified consultant.  The few minutes you spend may save you $1,000's of dollars each year and the aggravation of many potential lawsuits.

Thank You for visiting our incorporation information site; may 2009 bring you success, adventure, safety, and happiness in all your pursuits!